Hi! 👋 I'm Swapnil Agarwal.
🗣️ People call me 'swap'.

I'm fixing tech hiring at scale via 🚀 Roc8 Careers.
I share a 💭 journaling prompt at 9am and a 💊 book excerpt at 8:53pm every day.
🏖️ The DX Club provides a safe space for talking about the non-tech aspects of our jobs.
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I started my career as a software developer at Amazon. I always had the startup bug which led me to leave Amazon and join Meesho (YC S16), where I transitioned into a Product Management role. Once I felt saturated, I went on an indie journey in which I tried to build and sell a couple of products. I was also a part of Entrepreneur First cohort. After 14 months of (f)unemployment, I founded Roc8 Careers.

Built the first Indian Vue.js community to 1000+ members • Runs AwesomeConf
Modern Polymath • INTP turned INFP • Speaker at Conferences & Meetups